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I just mailed off my packet to Vanderbilt today! I'm so nervous and really hoping to get an interview for this program. Adult Critical Care is my first choice. I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN... Read More

  1. by   cstark
    Quote from lleatherbery
    GI tech not an RN, that's why I am applying for a nurse residency program that has a requirement of less than six months RN. I heard some others that got interviews have had some amazing peds expierences prior as well just not as an RN. That's what I'm curious about
    I think previous tech or CNA experience is a HUGE plus in this job market for us new grads! Personally I've worked as a Health Educator and then in breast cancer research... so health-related but not direct patient care. I completed my master's entry program this past June and interviewed at Vanderbilt for Women's Health beginning of October. The wait is killing me!
  2. by   jlh386
    anyone write down what they said the starting pay was for this program? I thought I did but cannot find it
  3. by   LaurenJonesRN
    20.86 is base, 21.60 critical care, 3.00 diff for 7pm-11pm, 3.50 diff for 11pm-7am, 6.00 diff for weekends.
  4. by   jlh386
    thx so much
  5. by   LaurenJonesRN
    Have any of you logged into your applicant profile since you submitted your application?
  6. by   Jw_rn
    Nope. I've just been trying to wait patiently. They said interviews go on until November 2. Then for us to wait to receive an email. I'm suppose to be working a part time job that requires no one to carry their cell phones on them while working. I may have to run out to the car at lunch time. I think curiosity will get the best of me.
  7. by   jlh386
    the suspense is killing me!!!
  8. by   girlygirlk8e
    the wait is killing me too! What day are y'all thinking we will hear something? Looking at past forums for the VNRP it looks like around nov 11/ maybe we will know in a week and a half. This wait is killing me!
  9. by   MsFNP1908
    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to this forum but I had an interview as well with Vanderbilt early October for the Med-Surg Track. I agree, the wait is killing me! So far Vanderbilt has been the only place I have interviewed with. Out of the blue yesterday I was invited for an interview tomorrow for a hospital near my hometown. Now I'm worried that if this interview goes well I may have to give them a decision before we even hear back from Vanderbilt!
  10. by   jotdot
    Hello to all!

    I interviewed the middle of October for critical care and I am really getting nervous. I am from Mississippi. Anyone else from my state? I think it will probably be at least 1 week before we hear anything and the wait gets longer by the day! Getting chosen for this opportunity would be such an awesome experience in my opinion. Has anyone considered reapplying if not chosen? I wish all of you the very best of luck!
  11. by   iridium54
    Anyone here apply for women's health track? I think I am going to apply for the next go-around since I did not have my stuff together for this time. I still do not have a RN job but hopefully something will come up and I can gain a tiny bit of experience before next interview round and all. Anyway, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  12. by   cwillmon
    I interviewed for the peds. track a few days ago. 66 people were interviewed for peds. We will hear something by mid November. They first have to find out how many people they can place for each section, on the floors, and then they will send out the emails. I have been focusing on working at Vanderbilt for the past five years and can't even imagine working anywhere else. I recently moved to TN, have my license and am excited to start working.
  13. by   kab1214
    Hey! I am from MS, and I also interviewed for Critical Care. Mid-November cannot get here fast enough! Have you graduated yet or will you be graduating in December?
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