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I just mailed off my packet to Vanderbilt today! I'm so nervous and really hoping to get an interview for this program. Adult Critical Care is my first choice. I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN... Read More

  1. by   Nursey86
    Quote from LMG RN

    I went to University of San Francisco and I am applying for Med/Surg.. What about you? Where did you go to school?
    I graduated from San Jose State University and am interviewing for the burn track. It is nice to know there are other people from the Bay Area interviewing. I wish you the best of luck!
  2. by   nycrn03
    Im staying at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt from Oct 18-20. Message me if you will be down there and want to meet up!
  3. by   Nursey86
    Quote from nycrn03
    Im staying at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt from Oct 18-20. Message me if you will be down there and want to meet up!
    What track are you interviewing for? I'll be there at the same time, in the same hotel. Weird. We should meet up.
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  4. by   cstark
    Had my interview today! Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The info the Recruiter sent (PDF on interviewing) was really helpful - have good patient and clinical stories in mind and of course know why you're interested in Vandy. Good luck to everyone out there!

    Also I stayed at the Holiday Inn - good choice with lots of restaurants nearby, free wireless Internet, and walking distance to the interview (even though I taxied there on the way there since I was in heels) and to the campus.
  5. by   jlh386
    I had my interview today as well! I have never been more nervous in my life! The panel was super nice though and it helped make it go a little easier. Was still hard as I didn't have scenarios for some of their questions. Good luck to all! Hopefully there will be a lot of positive responses on here in about a month
  6. by   nycrn03
    I'm interviewing for the new emergency department track! What about you?

    Let's explore! I've never been to Nashville and am so excited to see it
  7. by   jlh386
    I was women's health. So im sure you will interview with Nurses from the area you are in. Nashville is a fun city! you will love it! Good luck!
  8. by   Twins32
    I decided to go with the skype interview. I am still in school right now. I have my senior clinical capstone project right now that i am donig and clinical three times a week so it would work best if i did the skype interview. I am going to be a new grad! I don't know how they feel about hiring new grads into the critical care track but I am ready to dive in and learn as much as I can. For all that have been there, How is Nashville? If I get a job offer I will definitely be going down there around thanksgiving or right before christmas. I go to school in wisconsin and tennessee and wisconsin are both compact states so i could take NCLEX in either state! My interview is on October 19th! I know it's skype but I am hoping to make it as professional as possible! Does everyone here have experience as an RN? Good luck to all interviewing!
  9. by   Nursey86
    I am interviewing for the burn track. I have never been to Nashville either, I totally want to explore. I heard it is really pretty and the food is amazing!
  10. by   LaurenJonesRN
    I don't blame you for taking the skype option. I can totally understand why you would choose it with your busy schedule. I graduated in May 2012 and I just started a home health job in September. This program is geared for new grads and grads with some experience. I don't think it will be held against you if you don't have experience outside of school clinicals. I think as long as you present yourself in a professional manner, you should be totally fine with a skype interview. They really seem to understand that people are still in school or don't have the money to make the journey to Nashville. That's great that you are in a compact state! When is your interview?
  11. by   LaurenJonesRN
    cstark and jlh386,

    I'm glad to hear that the panel was nice. Did you feel like any of their questions caught you off guard? I'm counting down the days until my interview and getting more nervous with each day that passes lol. I bet both of you feel a little relieved that the interview part is over; however, the waiting game begins again

    Good luck to both of you!!!!

    How did you like Nashville?
  12. by   Twins32
    My interview is on October 19th! Luckily I was able to get a summer internship in a hospital in Minnesota and I have been working in a hospital as an aide for a while so I hopefully will be able to draw on some extra experiences. Good luck to you in your interview! We could be fellow co-workers in the CCU track if all goes well for us!
  13. by   LaurenJonesRN

    Sounds like you will have plenty to draw from. Good luck with your interview. Maybe we will be seeing each other in a couple months...finger crossed!

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