Union University SON

  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to see if anyone here was either currently in or applying to
    any locations for Union University SON. I will be happy for any information that
    can be given. Thanks everyone :heartbeat
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  3. by   umartin
    I'm not sure what the SON is but I applied and have a conditional acceptance to the BSNA program that begins next month.
  4. by   PhiThKap
    too bad for you umartin. while most of UU's nursing faculty are genuinely nice Christian people, the leadership of the SON are deceptive & vindictive, they'd rather tolerate someone who cheats openly on coursework & exams. The curriculum revision they've just enacted seems designed only to generate more income than to actually improve the program! They really do not understand what it takes to effectively run an accelerated program - all they do is carve up the 16 week traditional BSN coursework into 6 or 7 day-long lectures and deliver it in massive all day long lectures - now its a 16 month pressure cooker instead of 12 - and 79 credits instead of 60 (at nearly $500/credit). Some instructors are openly hostile to minorities (count the number of minority faces you see, ethnic or male ..... ) and if you're not Baptist or another acceptable fundamentalist church, well, plan on a rough time ... oh yeah - check your financials carefully & repeatedly to keep from getting overcharged - very critical considering the financial aid awards are so pitifully small. Thoroughly document everything that happens - everyday - because the faculty can retroactively create negative incident reports and put them in the dept file on you that you don't know exists, until they use it to screw you.
  5. by   umartin
    Wow, really!??!?!? That's VERY discouraging.... The class has 41 students and 14 are black, 11 are male... I think that's indicative of most higher learning institutions. I have a friend who completed 2 years ago who is a black woman and she loved it.... What makes you say/think these things?? Was is a personal experience??? Please reply!

    I am very hopeful that my stay will be a success that I embrace!!!
  6. by   rachie_roo
    Don't be discouraged. Union is awesome...I know because I went there lol. I had to transfer for financial reasons but if I could afford it I would've stayed.
  7. by   umartin
    Thanks so much rachie roo!!!! I appreciate the positive affirmations!
  8. by   epitomeofRN
    Hi Umartin,
    Just wondering if you decided to attend union and if so how is it. I applied for the fall 2012 school year. How was the interview,teas.etc...
  9. by   umartin
    Hi Epitome,

    I did decide to attend Union. I am there now in my second quarter and the most honest thing I can tell you is that "IT'S TOUGH!!, but I am holding on!!! I have finished Dimensional Analysis, Pathophysiology, Issues in Nursing and Scientific Writing, those classes were 8 weeks long. I am now enrolled in Nursing Skills, Pharm 1, and Health Assessments, these classes last 5 weeks. It is really fast!!! We have lost 3 students already!!! And we will be in the hospitals in 3 weeks taking care of patients.... NERVOUS AS HELL-O!!! However, if I can do it ANYONE can do it. I do not have a science background, I do not like science or math, lol. But, I'm still here. You just have to resolve that you will be "married" to nursing for 1 year. I spend EVERY waking moment of my day dealing with nursing.

    Feel free to ask me any further questions that you may have.
  10. by   epitomeofRN
    Thankyou for being honest. I am wondering about the TEAS at this point. How did you do on it? I pray that I get in and I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks
  11. by   umartin
    The TEAS was no different than any other standardized test that I've taken (SAT, GRE)... You either know it or you don't... I bought a TEAS prep book from Barnes and Noble, worked it dry and took the exam... I scored well on the vocabulary and literature based stuff and not so well on the science stuff and they still accepted me... :-)
  12. by   futurenurse916
    I applied for the Jackson campus for fall 2012. I had my interview last week through Skype, just waiting back for my Teas. I currently have a 3.2 cummulative GPA. I know they select around 40 seats. Just wondering from others in the program, how they like it?
  13. by   epitomeofRN
    Hi umartin,
    Thanks for all the advice. I recieved a conditional acceptance and will start this fall anymore advice will be greatly appreciated.
  14. by   futurenurse916
    I am just waiting for my response from UU. I had my interview on Jan. 18th, hopefully I will be hereing back soon. Did anyone else who applied for fall 2012 for the accelerated program here back, yet?