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Hi everyone! I wanted to see if anyone here was either currently in or applying to any locations for Union University SON. I will be happy for any information that can be given. Thanks everyone :heartbeat... Read More

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    Oh my....im responding from my phone and well touchscreen. And auto correct are not my friends clearly. I hope you can decipher my message. Wendy is very helpful in answering questions. She responds to email quicker than a phone call.

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    Will definately give her a call in the morning
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    Hello beautiful901,
    I couldnt read your full message so feel free to post it here. I had the same issue with private messages.
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    Epitome have you received any more info on the orientation in June. I haven't heard anything else from them since I paid the pre tuition fee. Which campus are you going to? I will be at Gtwn
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    I'm at the germantown campus
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    I am breaking the messages up as well to be able to read my private messages. I havent heard anything about the orientation. I did recieve an email saying that they had recieved my deposit
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    I am excited and look forward to meeting you
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    Same here. Very excited and counting down. Hopefully we meet in june before classes start. Seems like not too many post on these boards re union accelerated bsn program anymore.
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    Hey beautiful901 I just sent you a pm

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