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Union University SON - page 3

Hi everyone! I wanted to see if anyone here was either currently in or applying to any locations for Union University SON. I will be happy for any information that can be given. Thanks everyone... Read More

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    I felt like many ppl had not applied for the aug cohort but really wanted I fo. The cost made some ppl gasp and say " I need to look at other schools" please keep me updated and any questions u have I will try my beat to answer. If I posts 15 things I can send a private message. Lol. That why im breaking up these messages.
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    Lol! I am on the UU website looking at the preview days. I click on to register but I dont see where they have one on the Germantown campus.. still looking though
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    They may have one in jackson. Are I in Memphis if I don't mind me asking. If you dont see a preview day for the school or nursing ( I beloved there is one for the school in general coming up) I say call Gtwn or jackson and ask if there will be one. They will say you should register for the famous you are applying for perhaps info is different at each campus. If you don't get to go to preview day ask if hou can visit the campus on your own time. They have a simulation lab that is awesome! That was my favorite part. You can also view the videos on the site about the school of nursing and the simulation labs.
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    Im in Southaven
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    Oh my....im responding from my phone and well touchscreen. And auto correct are not my friends clearly. I hope you can decipher my message. Wendy is very helpful in answering questions. She responds to email quicker than a phone call.
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    Will definately give her a call in the morning
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    Hello beautiful901,
    I couldnt read your full message so feel free to post it here. I had the same issue with private messages.
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    Epitome have you received any more info on the orientation in June. I haven't heard anything else from them since I paid the pre tuition fee. Which campus are you going to? I will be at Gtwn
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    I'm at the germantown campus
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    I am breaking the messages up as well to be able to read my private messages. I havent heard anything about the orientation. I did recieve an email saying that they had recieved my deposit
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    I am excited and look forward to meeting you
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    Same here. Very excited and counting down. Hopefully we meet in june before classes start. Seems like not too many post on these boards re union accelerated bsn program anymore.
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    Hey beautiful901 I just sent you a pm