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    Thinking about applying to Union Unoversity for the accelerated nursing program. I just found out that they have a campus in Hendersonville, TN. Is this new? Does anyone know anything about Union or Union in Hendersonville? Thanks
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    Moved to TN nursing programs for more of a response.
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    Does anyone know anything about this?
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    I had my interview for the hendersonville campus (feb start) a few weeks ago. That would be the first class to be on that campus. The program would be the same as if it was on the other campuses.
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    Cool, how did the interview go? What all do they ask?
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    the interview went well..it was pretty informal. it was through skype b/c i live outta state. umm they pretty much told me a bit about the school/program. asked why nursing? what brought about the career change? and how is God a part of my life? other than that, just answered any questions i had...and wanted to know when i was going to take the TEAS. Hope that helps!!
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    Yeah, that definitely helps. Do you mind if I send you a friend request? I'll probably have more questions if that's okay.
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    And just out of curiousity, does your username mean you're going from social work to nursing? Because that's what I'm doing.
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    Sure, friend request away!! Haha, this is only my second day on this site so I have no clue how to navigate it yet! And you got it, social work to nursing what type of social work are you in??
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    I'm new to this website too. I'm still in school and will graduate in May, but currently I'm working in a drug rehab and mental illness agency. Co-occurring disorders.

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