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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

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    Thanks for the insight! I'm registered to take microbio at my school in the spring. I might end up dropping it, if I'm accepted. Microbiology at my school is horrendous. Nevertheless, it would be good prep. I've already completed developmental psychology and need stats to complete my English degree. Those will probably be the classes that I transfer.

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    If stats isn't a "Math" course offered thru the math dept union may not accept it. I took stats for my Bio degree and master's and neither transferred. Unfortunately I had to take it a third time. Hopefully you are OK cause I wouldn't wish that class on anyone. It takes me two days to do homework if not it would take about 8 hours!
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    Oh no! That sucks. The stats class at my school is offered through the math dept, so my fingers are crossed. I'm not very good at math. My B in precalc was an achievement.
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    OK good! Hopefully it transfers, I hope so! Last year I heard something about interviews around this time. My interview was in Jan, so if they are doing the same process you all should be hearing something soon.
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    yall stats is THE DEVIL!! I actually took a self-pace course and it was challenging nevertheless to teach myself but I made it out with an A. Beautiful, Im soo glad you showed up and offered this reassurance that we all needed!
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    No problem. I try to check the site on a regular basis just to see if any new questions about union are on here that I may be able to answer. Did Wendy say when interviews start or when acceptance emails go out
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    The only thing she mention at preview day was that it would be a couple of weeks before we would hear anything...She said at preview day too that the TEAS is no longer required. Maybe we will start to hear something before the holiday break.
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    I got an email from Union thanking me for my interest and that the second priority deadline is in Feb. I hope I hear back from them before then.
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    Did they say anything regarding your application status?
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