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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

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    Well i think ur good as gold. Keep me posted and let me know if u get in!! If u do, we will be at the same campus and it atleast helps to kno someone

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    Yes definitely! I'll need a study buddy!
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    I applied Monday! My overall GPA is a 3.1 but my last 60 hours is around a 3.5! Took A&P 1 and 2 and Micro several years ago and made C's. I am in the process of having my transcript sent now because I am retaking A&P 2 which finished next Saturday and will have an A, and my A&P 1 I finished last month with a B+. Hopefully they will take into consideration my improvement in grades since first taking the classes and expect me to do well in these! I can't send my final transcript until the 10th! Any advice or thoughts on my chances of acceptance?
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    I forgot to mention I already have my bachelors from the University of Memphis in Health Administration!
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    I think you have a good chance, especially with your more recent grades in Anatomy. By the way, I take microbiology next semester. Do you think that it will replace the microbiology course in the nursing curriculum? Also when will Union make us take the TEAS, if we're accepted?
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    I have no idea about either of those things. Since Micro isn't a pre-req they require, we may be able to earn credit for already taking it (I'd like to take it over anyway since I made a C). I was only able to take 2 courses this summer due to a lack of funds and chose to retake my A&Ps. I've also wondered myself about the TEAS exam. It says nothing about it on their website but I have seen several mentions of it in other people's posts. Maybe it was a different nursing program at Union or maybe it was for the people without a previous bachelors degree. I did notice most of the posts I saw that mentioned the TEAS exam were a little older. I guess it's possible they don't require it anymore? I would think they would make sure to put that in their admissions checklist. I don't think they would wait to spring that on people at the last minute but I could be wrong. It also says nothing about interviews. Let me know if you hear anything else! I'm so anxious to hear something! I received a phone call from the woman in admissions on Wednesday saying they received my application and to allow 3-5 business days to process it then I would get an email!
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    Hi Tpayne!, i think u have a good chance also!! I am soo anxious for u guys to tell me yall have been accepted!!
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    @georgiapalgal i believe that for the first session, u can have up to 7 hours transferred over so u dnt have to take those classes i.e. i dont have to take stats or developmental psych that first session bc those credits have transferred. Theyve already sent me a letter detailing this. And i dont think we have to take TEAS anymore.
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    I am so anxious to hear something!!! I can't wait!! I am so nervous!
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    That's great! I'm so excited too!!!! I was told that I should get an email later this week, as well. Good luck!

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