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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

  1. by   TWebster24
    Hey ladies! I am sorry I've been MIA! I'm planning a wedding because I got engaged in February!!!!!!!!! I have decided not to attend Union because I was accepted to the MSN-CNL program at University of Tennessee! I'm sorry I won't have the opportunity to meet all of you girls but I wish you all the very very best of luck! I'm sure we will all still be in contact on here
  2. by   parrisht
    Hello Everyone,
    New to the site, but I have been watching this forum for a while. Received my acceptance letter from Union University at Hendersonville for the Fall 2013
  3. by   Tinker88
    Congrats to you both!!!
  4. by   Amcanarn
    Congrats, you guys! I'm not sure, Tinker. I hadn't heard that, but traveling to Jackson would be fun. I just found out that the Germantown campus has interlibrary loan, so I'm ecstatic, over all things. Haha. I love research and books.
  5. by   combsj25
    Congrats TPayne on the MSN acceptance AND the engagement too!!
    Parrisht: Congrats to you - I also was accepted into Union's Program in Hendersonville. Where are you from?
  6. by   Ames808
    Hey Tinker--

    I just received a letter with my transfer credits as well, everything has a TR by it so it looks like all my credits transfer...but how soon after did you receive an acceptance letter? I don't know if this means that I am most likely going to be accepted or if it doesn't really mean anything...or what?
  7. by   parrisht
    I am from McEwen, 40 miles west of Nashville. I will have to commute everyday, so this could get interesting.
  8. by   Tinker88
    I received my acceptance letter (via email) February 9th. A few weeks ago I received my transfer credits via mail. Check every email for an acceptance and call nursing admissions to verify because that is very confusing since they sent a transfer letter. Are you applying for an accelerated BSN or a masters degree? Keep us updated in here. Good luck to you
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  9. by   Tinker88
    Does anyone know how many stimulation labs Germantown has? Just curious
  10. by   combsj25
    Hey Girls: I was originally wait listed to Belmont's Accelerated BSN, but found out last week I was accepted. Now I have a huge decision to make between Belmont and Union..... I am thrilled that I ultimately get to make the decision, but at the time I am feeling super overwhelmed!!!
  11. by   Tinker88
    That's awesome combs! I just looked at Belmont's program for you. There's is set up by semesters and Union's is set up by terms. This is a hard decision... I like how Belmont's program is set up with regular semesters, but I like how Union's is paced. I understand how you feel though! I had to decide between the University of Memphis and Union, and I am still waiting for University of Tennessee (UTHSC and they announce in May). I recommend analyzing the courses/curriculum and researching any info you can get on AN. Check and see what Belmont's passing rate was like for the nclex rn exam. I know Union's was 100% in 2012. That is one big reason I choose Union. Go with your gut! Either way you will be getting a fabulous education!!! Good luck and keep us updated on your choice!
  12. by   combsj25
    Tinker you are so kind. Thanks much!!!
    There are so many small pros and cons in the programs... and you are right ---at the end of the day I will get an excellent education. I definitely do not think there is a wrong decision... maybe it is just truly sitting down and over evaluating some things to hopefully make the best decision. Thanks again and will certainly keep y'all posted.
  13. by   TWebster24
    Hey Tinker, didn't you say you applied to the UTHSC MSN-CNL program? Did you get in?