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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

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    Tinker: do you have any other classes to transfer in?
    Union will accept up to 7 credits for first semester, of the most common being Micro, lifespan and Stats? But again, only 7 - not the entire 10.
    I was told they are picky about the stats in that it must be from the Math department. (For example my stats was actually Biz. Stats. So I don't think it will transfer) I haven't heard any specifics about Micro, but am thinking you will not need to retake it.
    Though I have all 3 done already - looks like I will be re-taking stats. Oh how I wish I could just retake lifespan of the 3 )
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    I have microbiology and I think lifespan. I was required to take a lifespan course in the educational psychology department while I was getting my elementary education bachelor's. Maybe that will transfer too! I have not taken stats yet.
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    I just received my grade for the cardio chapters and it was lower than I anticipated, so I feel you. I'm afraid of lab though. I received an email from Wendy and she said that they changed the requirements and that we can transfer as many of the prereqs for that first semester. I can forward you the email.
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    Yeah, the email reads non-nursing classes, so as long as it's not a nursing class, you should be able to transfer it. I decided to take micro at Union, however.
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    Thanks so much!!! Could you please send me a private message with what she sent you? I would really appreciate it!
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    If y'all take math stats, find a professor who allows calculators on tests! I got lucky this semester and I'm not the greatest at math.
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    Hey GeorgiaPeach that is exciting news. Would you mind sending me the email? Thanks.
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    Okay, check your inbox!
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    Are any of you applying to for a stafford loan? I applied for it but haven't heard anything yet. Will Union contact me about my stafford loan? I was just wondering. Also Union recommends getting a private loan too, but if I get plenty of stafford I see no point in applying for a private. The interest is higher I looked into the Wells Fargo loan, but I'm going to just wait and see how the stafford goes.