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  1. Hello! I am applying to TWC Fort Sanders Nursing school for Fall '13 and was wondering if there where any more applicants as well!
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  3. by   BSNinprogress22
    Hi! I am also applying to TWC nursing program for Fall '13.
    Quote from bhendry

    Hello! I am applying to TWC Fort Sanders Nursing school for Fall '13 and was wondering if there where any more applicants as well!
  4. by   bhendry
    How exciting! I wish we could fast forward to March for our interviews. Im nervous but can't wait. Did you apply to other schools? Is TWC your first choice? I love the school and really hope I get accepted!
  5. by   BSNinprogress22
    Me to! Have you got your interview letter yet? No, TWC was the only nursing program I applied to, I really like it there! Good luck!!
  6. by   bhendry
    I haven't recieved my interview letter yet. Hopefully we both get something soon. TWC is also the only school I applied for. Best of luck to you!!!!
  7. by   BSNinprogress22
    Yea Thank you!! Are you still finishing up your prereqs?
  8. by   bhendry
    All I have left is a religion class How about you? I wish I knew what the math test consisted of. Nancy said basic math. Im thinking there will be some fractions and ratios. Do you know anything about the interview or math test?
  9. by   bhendry
    I schduled my interview for March 11th!
  10. by   BSNinprogress22
    Thats good I'll have a full summer load, but its totally worth it I think! Yea, I think its just basic fractions, decimals, etc. I scheduled mine for March 14th!! I hope we both get in!
  11. by   bhendry
    the math test was just basic fractions and decimals! I thought it was pretty simple. the person that interviewed me was very nice. He was very easy to talk to. He asked me why I wanted to be a nurse. Where I attended school. What classes I had left. We talked a bit about the program. It was very casual. Best of luck to you! I hope we both get in as well! Oh and they mentioned that we should know if we got in sometime in April. They meet next Thursday to make the decision.
  12. by   BSNinprogress22
    Yea, it wasn't too scary!! Lol. Thank you!! )
  13. by   bhendry
    I got my acceptance letter in the mail today! Im so excited
  14. by   BSNinprogress22
    Not sure if I got wait listed or not but didn't get in. Really don't understand why, I have a 3.74 GPA and As in all my sciences except 1. I did have quite of few classes left but they were just literature, speech, etc. Don't feel like I should have been denied. I have A's in every single prerequisite except 3.

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