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Hi everyone, is there anybody thinking of attending or currently attending TSU nursing at Volstate here? Im applying for the fall this year at Volstate location. To be honest, im constantly being... Read More

  1. by   2012
    Just graduated in May from the Main Campus @ TSU -- passed my NCLEX the 1ST time with 75 questions in less than 1.5 hrs...some people might argue, but I believe that the nursing program at TSU obviously prepared me enough to pass. Good luck to the new class and my only advice is to READ, don't assume you know the topics already. If you still don't understand a topic, look up videos, etc on the internet. Don't expect much free time...don't get burned out though. If you can get a tech job after your 1st semester (and aren't already a CNA), I suggest you get a hospital job as a tech right after...those folks found jobs 1st.

    There will be times where you will be frustrated with the staff...yes, they have their moments for being unorganized, etc; however, they seem to be getting better now that Dr. Lewis is settled into her position. As for Vol State, while a few folks were satisfied, others were not. They felt that they weren't getting treated the same as the Main Campus. This has now supposedly changed, because the same instructors drive to both campuses for classes. But, I swear we all went through much of the same issues.

    I feel that nursing school is exactly what you put into it. If you go in there with an attitude expecting everyone to cater to your whims, then expect heck. If you go in as a professional and are respectful, you will be fine. I don't mean to not complain when there are issues, but be professional and follow the chain-of-command until it's resolved. Get to know your classmates, setup study groups EARLY on, etc, because they will be the ones to support you when times are tough. Let things roll off, because they aren't always going to be perfect. Ultimately, TSU is a lot less expensive, they are accredited (yes, the nursing program was re-accredited this year --- for 8 years?), it has great clinical experiences, and it does prepare one for boards.
  2. by   jjordan8130
    2012-great info. You must know Roya. We have worked together as techs for the last year. She's one of our new nurse residents! I watched her struggle working full time, and I've tried for the last 6 months to cut my hours back with no success. Part time and PRN positions are few and far between at Vandy right now. It looks as if I'll be working full time for now. They changed our nurse residency program and we no longer take ADNs, unless you're a current employee who graduates by June 30th 2014. I meet the requirements so I'm trying to hang in there. We'll see how it goes. Congrats on passing your NCLEX!
  3. by   mee9mee9
    how many students are accepted to the program each year?
  4. by   BeachBliss114
    Hello guys, I am currently a student at Cumberland University in my first semester, but feeling like I made the wrong choice and that I should have went to vol state which is about half the distance from me. I've heard that ADN seems to be more hands on quicker, whereas BSN focuses more on theory, etc do you guys feel like there is some truth in that? I want to get to the meat and get done sooner so I can start on with my career.not to mention CU is 10,000 a semester, but I'll be done may 2015- granted it will be here sooner than I think but I'd like to hear any additional info from people who have done the TSU program through vol state because I am considering transferring . Any help is appreciated, I also noticed that TSU at vol state tries to make clinicals as close as possible where Cumberland will make you have clinicals in your third semester from 3pm-11pm and then expect you to be back up there at 6 am, which I understand YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YA GOTTA DO, but just looking for some info about the schooling for TSU's ADN at vol state