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Any TTE students-to-be here? I will be starting in January. :)... Read More

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    HI i am getting ready to apply for here on the third of Oct and was wanting to know about the application process and about what time you got there on the day they were accepting applications. Also if you dont mind me asking how come you'll be starting in January instead of September. This makes me nervous that the January class is already full. :-(
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    To hopefulnurseab: Have u already taken ur Compass?
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    yes i have and i passed it! i took it here in knoxville. Im on the waiting list here for January but I also wanted to apply for elizabethons program.
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    I will not be starting in Sept due to money issues. Not because of the school. I am trying to get everything lined up and ready so I won't have that worry on my shoulders.