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Is there anyone on here applying for the OCT 2011 LPN PROGRAM @tt covington.... Read More

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    Congrats and good luck to you all! I received my acceptance letter a few wks ago to the Memphis location! I am so excited )) That makes four of us! See u guys n July for orientation!!!!!
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    i will be attending ttc in memphis starting in sept as well!! im so nervous and excited all at the same time.... yay us!!!!!!
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    Congrats! Memphisoo, I am so ready to get started.
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    Hey Memphisoo what day r u going for the financial aid workshop?
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    hi cnatolpn, pcarter2324,and memphisoo i really would like to meet you all at orientation. i am unable to send direct messages on here so please email me so i can send you all my number . i got accepted into the ttc @ memphis program for the fall 2011... its always good going into a program knowing someone and making study groups. im so excited the time is getting closer and closer ladies!
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    That's awesome! I'm getting ready to email you now! Can't wait to meet you guys in a couple of wks....
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    Do any of you know when is the next compass test is and if I take it before the year is up will I be able to attend TN Tech of Memphis in January.

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