Tn tech covington lpn students how did you get in. Tn tech covington lpn students how did you get in. | allnurses

Tn tech covington lpn students how did you get in.

  1. 0 Hi all, I have heard several rumors as to how ppl got in the lpn program. I would like to hear from aybody who has gone to this school I am freaking out about this entrance test. I lot of ppl tell me dont worry this school is very easy to get into. Others tell me being a cna which I am not helped them get in. I am a medical assistant I wonder does it count for anything. Please help I am a ball of nerves I want this so bad.
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    I am not in the covington TTC but the process is the same pretty much the test for me was somewhat hard but not anything a little studying couldn't take care of you will do fine score as high as you can bc that will be you ticket in I'm not a CNA either and you MA background should really help you through the program best of luck!!!
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    I wouldn't call it extremely easy to get in, nor is it easy once you are in, but it certainly can be done - I started in September. Your number one priority should be scoring as high as possible on the COMPASS exam. It appears that most of the admissions weight is given to your COMPASS score. Having medical background could help, but there are plenty of us in the class with no medical experience at all.

    For my class, around 150 people applied (I think...), about 50 were interviewed (the top COMPASS scores), and 24 were admitted. So, study hard for the COMPASS!
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    Thk for your advise! do u remember what your compass scores were
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    My combined score was 197 out of 200. 99 in math, 98 in English.

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