TN TECH 2011

  1. I tested for the covington center. Does anyone know when they will be sending acceptance letters out.
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  3. by   krjones745
    I also applied to TTC @Covington and @Memphis. Memphis is supposed to send their acceptance letters out at the end of May 2011, however I talked to a lady at Covington and they arent sure when their letters of acceptacne will go out. She said that the deadline isnt until May 31, so it will for sure be after the deadline. I am so anxiously waiting on a letter from either campus. I have heard and read many great things about @Covington... Feel free to Email me!
  4. by   staci5
    hello. have u received ur acceptance letter from convington?
  5. by   pcarter2324
    Yes, I received it thursday
  6. by   staci5
    was u accepted. I am waiting on my letter from ttcm. wat were ur scores etc?
  7. by   krjones745
    wow looks like i should check my mailbox if you have gotten yours. will update you Staci5 if i have recieved anything once i get hm
  8. by   staci5
    ok let me know
  9. by   krjones745
    Well I recieved two letters one from TTC Memphis and the other from TTC Covington. I was accepted into TTC Memphis... YAY!!!!! And Covintgton letter stated that my testing scores were in the top percentil and that I would meet for orientation. I live right down the street from the Memphis campus so more than likely I will go there. Being that I have already been accepted into their fall program 2011.

    Goodluck to you all
  10. by   staci5
    hey wat was ur scores etc krsjones and when is orientation etc
  11. by   krjones745
    my scores was a 60 in math and 90 in eng/reading... so i totally messed the math and still got in! i really didnt even try that hard at the math and passed. the thing was you had to sell yourself in the interview and let them know how much you wanted to be a nurse and a part of their program. My interview went really great its not just all based upon your testing scores, your interview counts as a big part!
  12. by   krjones745
    Correction: its not just all based upon your SCORES
  13. by   staci5
    yes u r correct. I was accepted as well. da interview went well. bt my friend is an alternate. I wanted to knw wat greater chances can she still be in da program. her scores were 84 in math and 83 in english. hopefully it wrks out for her
  14. by   krjones745
    Honestly Staci i cant say for sure exactly what her chances might be of getting in but I do know that I had a friend last year who was an alternate and she got in. But the only reason she got in was because on the first day of school a lady who was originally supposed to attend the class son ended up getting killed, so the lady dropped out of the program. So they called one of the alernate people and my friend so happenely ended up being first on the list. I really wish her the best and I will try to direct msg you my number so we can contact one another, I am very excited about attending the program and really look forward to meeting you. Oh and you wanted to know TTC memphis orientation correct? The orientation is scheduled to take place Wednesday July th 13th from 9:00a-3:00p. The session will be held at the main campus in Memphis... I hope you are as excited as I am!