Those who got into LMU, what was your GPA? Those who got into LMU, what was your GPA? | allnurses

Those who got into LMU, what was your GPA?

  1. 0 In early December, I applied to Lincoln Memorial University's accelerated nursing program in Knoxville for Fall 2014. Those who got in or did not get in, what was your GPA? Is it a competitive program? Also, how soon did you receive notice and an acceptance or rejection?
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    I just got my letter this week. I applied in October and was accepted into the BSN program at Cedar Bluff. My GPA is 3.8

    Good Luck!
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    I graduated from this program in 2012. My GPA at the time of application was 3.4. If you have a 3.0 or above and all the prereq's you should be fine.
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    Hey Joker269MPCO, I just got accepted to LMU for this fall. How is their program? What can we expect? I have read a few posts on here that has made me a little nervous, but overall I'm very excited to get started. I would just like to see someones point of view of the program that recently went through it.

    Thank you!
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    I enjoyed the program. It is fast paced, but overall I thought it was good. They had some staff changes after our class graduated, so im not sure about how it is now. While I was there the staff was there to help you get through, not to see who they could weed out like some other programs. I thinke we lost a total of 5 through the entire program and only 2 of those were academic and the rest were personal issues. Unless things have changed drastically you should have a good experience there. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask me or PM me.
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    Thank you! Thats very good to know that they are there to help you and not weed you out! That makes me feel a little better. Where did you do your clinicals at? and Were you able to get a job right after graduation? I am not from the Knoxville area so I am currently trying to find where to find apartments at! It is not an easy task.
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    lpc008, I did clinical at UT and Parkwest Hospital. They also have clinicals at Blount Memorial. I did get a job in an ICU right after graduation. I was hired before graduation and started about 2 weeks after graduation. Start applying at the beginning of your last semester and you should have no problem. I think pretty much everyone in our class had a job within a few months of graduation. There is a large apartment complex just down the road from LMU on Cedar Bluff Road. I think its called Sunchase. I cant vouch for how nice they are though.
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    Thats really good about getting a job right out of graduation. I hope that is the case for me! :] I did go by Sunchase apartments a week or so ago and they were pretty nice and in a good location. Thank you for telling me about them.