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  1. Okay so i have applied for the 2014 september lpn program. I took the placement to test and passed the pre algebra with 66 and algebra part with 38 bairly a passing score but she said it didnt matter much just passing the pre algebra did. In the reading i got 87. My question is should i consider retaking it to get a higher score? They only accept the top percent ( 20-25 students) and i am not sure if thats considered a decent score to be in the top percent. If you attended this school what did you score so i can compare and decide if i need to study more and retake it. Also any advice for me if i do get in? Any personal thoughts about this school? Thanks for all the help
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  3. by   aTOMicTom
    As you say, they accept the highest scores, so you need to determine if your scores would be in that range in the past few groups.
    Call the admissions counselor and ask. I'm in the Hartsville program and the AC couldn't be a nicer guy. If your AC won't give you a hint as to whether your numbers are competitive, call another TCAT and ask. You don't have to identify yourself, and you're not asking for privileged information.
    If you don't want to call around, then my advice is to retake the test. You'll do better just from the lessened anxiety - you know what it's like now. And take your time! You've got virtually all day to take it, so do the math twice! Re-reread all your reading! Plan on spending four hours there, and when you finish in three, you'll feel good.
    Are you talking about COMPASS (I assume not because there's just "Math" and "Reading" sections on that as far as I know) so I can't tell you about actual number scores. Did you take HESI?
    good luck,
  4. by   blburnett1
    i also took the test at covington but still missed the reading sections the ladies in the office told me i need to make at least a 90 on reading to even get accepted so goodluck if you do get accepted i retest in 2weeks hopefully i make exactly a 90 . also if you feel comfortable with memphis locations try and transfer your scores if you really pushing for the lpn program. keep us updated
  5. by   Enatural
    I applied too. Have you heard anything?
  6. by   iholdmyownfuture
    Go to the website the application deadline isn't to July
  7. by   pretzelsw8
    No i have not heard anything, they said i wont tell may only a few more weeks
    I decided i was comfy with scores, i had a new friend i meet that attended there said i should be fine. Best of luck to the others who applied i hope you get in to!!!!
  8. by   hopeful_13
    I am currently in that program. I got a 76 in math and 99 in English and reading. I was worried about math but I wasn't the lowest score in the class. Good luck!
  9. by   pretzelsw8
    Yes i got my letter saying i test in top % now i have an interview with them next!
  10. by   blburnett1
    @pretzelsw8 i went to orientation i think may 15 they also sent a letter stated my scores was in the top percentile. when did you receive your letter for interview im pushing for the evening class
  11. by   lilypie14
    Has anyone got an acceptance letter?
  12. by   pretzelsw8
    Im still waiting for my letter i know they mailed them out last week on 12th for acceptance into the day time program. I hoping i get mine monday or tuesday!!!!!!
  13. by   Firestorm38018
    Has anyone received an acceptance letter to the fall 2014 PN class at Covington?
  14. by   pretzelsw8
    No im still waiting for my letter........ let me know when u get yours im doing everything in my will power to not call and bug them about weather or not im in im running oit of patients its hard to wait calmly .....