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Hi all! This is my first post here. I received my acceptance letter a few days ago for TSU's ADN program beginning in Fall 2010. Orientation is next Tuesday, June 1. Are there any others out there who will be joining me? Has... Read More

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    Yahweh, are you still in the program? I am and I can't wait to start again in the fall. Hey to 'Trice.

    Johnny_Depp, the class is diverse. We have a lot of guys in the program, too. Really neat.

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    I start the ADN program at TSU next month!
    I'm super excited about it! Any advice?
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    Read ahead, take notes from your recordings, do lots of practice questions from NCLEX books, don't plan on having much of a social life, plan on having to pay $ for Evolve access (by El Sevier) every semester (at least we have), and try to enjoy it, too!

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