Southwest Tennessee Community College nursing students! How did you get in?

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    I'm specifically looking for people who are currently in the AAS in Nursing program at Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, TN.

    What were your grades in A&P 1 and 2, Microbiology, NLN exam, and GPA; that is, what did it take to get in? I'm trying to figure how many points (QPA) I will need to get in. Each class (A&P 1 and 2, Microbiology) is worth up to 4 pts (A=4, B=3, C=2, etc.), and I have A's in A&P 1 and Microbiology. Trying to figure out what it takes to get into the program, as I'm told only 60 students are accepted every semester. I'm taking the entrance exam soon, and have a 3.6 college GPA.

    If you could respond with your grades in the courses upon acceptance, GPA, and NLN score, I'd appreciate it!

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hey there. Not in yet, but I took my NLN-PAX Aug 14th and I' awaiting my scores. I have A's in A&P I,II and Micro with a 4.0 GPA after 50hrs of classes. I'll post my NLN PAX scores when I get them and let you know if I receive an acceptance letter this fall.
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    I would say that as long as you do ok on the NLN you are in. My total points were 65.1. I know that there were many well below me that got in.
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    hey thanks for the reply, do you remember what scores you had on each category (A&P 1 and 2, micro, gpa, nln)? thanks very much!
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    Sometimes it depends on which semester you are applying for. Add up your points up then you will know your score. I had B's in both AP I & II, I got an A in Micro. I bombed the NLN got a 100(very lucky cause that's what you need to get in and I missed a few sections due to timing) but my overall GPA was a 3.2 I believe. I can't remember because I had to retake my science courses over due the 5 year thing. So if you add those points up 12+12+16+10+3.2=53.2 points. Hope this helps!
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    yeah thanks! so you got 10 pts. for 100 on the nln, do you know what the maximum "points" you can get for the nln? and which semester did you get accepted? thanks so much
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    You're welcome.
    The NLN is only worth 10points so that's why I didn't retake it. So whatever your final score is just divide by 10. I can't remember the max score on the NLN. Sounds like you will be able to get in. I applied to the fall semester. So if we add up your points 16+16+16+3.6=51.6 points so far!!!
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    great thanks again, have you graduated already? I've heard pretty good things about the program as far as AAS programs go
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    Quote from kammel
    great thanks again, have you graduated already? I've heard pretty good things about the program as far as AAS programs go

    You're welcome:-) Nope I haven't graduated yet. I heard good things about the program as well. I haven't even started LOL!! School starts at the end of this month.
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    The NLN exam is 10% not 10 points. I got a 144 (97th percentile) on it so I had 14.4 points. I think technically you can get as much as 200, but 150ish is what they say is considered a top score (99th percentile). I had A's in all my classes.

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