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I've already got a BS in Psychology, but what I want to really do with my life is nursing. I'm enrolled at Nashville State and got one on-campus class (A&P I) and one RODP class (Microbiology). I... Read More

  1. by   SearchYourSoul
    I have taken both A & P I and II online and taking Micro this spring. I did really well in the classes and it worked out perfect because I have a small child too. However, at Columbia State the director of nursing told me that they will not accept these credits for their 2 year degree. I told her that it did not state that in the nursing handbook that these classes were not accepted. A random advisor overheard our conversation and argued in my defense that they HAVE to accept my RODP credits because the school offers these couses and they are not allowed to deny the credits, especially if it does not say so in the handbook.
    Anyway, the director of the program said ok, we will consider the credit but would prefer the class be taken on campus. Students who took the courses on campus will have priority over me as far as being accepted into the program. Not very fair if you ask me. Especially people like us with children or full time jobs. These online courses were created with people like us in mind and for the credits not to be considered "as good as" perturbs me. I get the gyst, they want us to have hands on experience but I worked my butt off and studied hard and got great grades in the courses.
    I am going to apply anyway, I think I may have a chance because my GPA and work experience but I have applied to several other programs too.
  2. by   nurseville
    Does anyone have any experience about whether what "searchyoursoul" posted about taking A& P I hurting your priority for the program? I am looking to apply for Columbia State's associates program, but doing A&P I online would make the process so much simpler with my current work schedule. This is the only place that I have heard that this is true.
  3. by   E-commerce
    Has anyone taken (A&P 1, 11, and Micro) RODP science courses? I'm interested in Southwest community college and spoke to someone there who said that they accept RODP classes. Thanks