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    Hi. I was wondering if anyone has applied to Roane States nursing program for the fall of '13. There's about 7 weeks until they notify students and I'm starting to stress.

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    I did, and I'm super stressed. I didn't apply anywhere else either....
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    I also applied to Roane State. Let me know if you guys get an acceptance because I have not heard anything so far. I applied to Pellissippi too. I got put on their alternate list. I'm assuming that after Roane State sends their acceptance, I may get into Pellissippi.
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    I got my acceptance today through Raidernet email!
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    I got my acceptance letter yesterday. I'm so thrilled!!
    I was stressing too jeniki. Like you, I had only applied to Roane state. I was so worried that I had made a mistake by doing that.
    LauraHarrison, I hope you get good news. Good luck!!
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    Congratulations jeniki!!
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    I just got accepted yesterday too! So excited to begin the program this fall!
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    I, too, got my acceptance letter!! Looking forward to meeting yall!
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    Congratulations everyone! What an exciting time for us all!! What campus is everyone planning on attending? Oak Ridge campus for me. I'm looking forward to the meeting on June 5th so we can find out more. I am constantly checking my email to see if they've sent any new info. lol I look forward to meeting you all!
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    H!! Congratulations to you all!!! I know how excited and anxious you feel right now. Be proud of yourselves, it is not easy to get into the program. Be sure to enjoy and rest during summer. Try not to worry about studying up on anything, you will have enough when classes start. It is a hard program, but the instructors at Roane State care about your success and are there to help you. It would be a good idea if you guys could keep in touch with each other and meet in the 1st or 2nd orientation. It's really nice to have some people semi familiar around especially when it comes time to start reading and studying the info. Sometimes even after reading others may have picked up on something in the text you didn't and you may have picked up on something they didn't! Just always remember to try your hardest, ask for help when you need it, and never be afraid to ask questions!!! I am also here to help if possible. I graduated last May, found out I was pregnant June, took NCLEX in October, baby born Jan. 31, so I never started working anywhere. I've been home with the little one, so I am home and can check emails and allnurses. I'll be looking for notes that I can send that may be helpful. Congrats to you all!! You are going to be nurses before you know it!!!
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