Roane State, Nursing Program, Anyone waiting on a letter for 2011?

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    Just wondering if there was anyone else out there has applied at Roane State (Nursing Program)? I'm currently in waiting...hoping to get the letter saying I start in the Fall! The closer it gets the more anxious I am getting.

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    I'm right there with you. I'm trying not to think about and hoping that the month will fly by but no luck. I think about it everyday. Fingers crossed for you and me!
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    I am waiting my letter aswell. I have been stressing since December when I sent my application in. I have a decent GPA 3.75 and have completed all my prereqs except A&P II and Micro which I will have done in just a few weeks. I also made and A in college algerbra...but I am so worried that because I made a C in A&P I that I wont get in. I wish they had some kind of list from last year so that you could compare yourself to it, so that we could put our minds at ease. I have never been so worried about something in my
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    I am with you guys! The closer it gets. the longer it seems to take for April to end. I thought maybe I could at least talk about it with someone in the same boat. I also sit around and wonder if I will have enough to get in. My main concern was that I am in AP II and Micro right now so I will receive no points for those. I think a lot of people with their fingers crossed are finishing them also. I don't know if this helps either of you but I did get confirmation that they only calculate your GPA from the classes required for the Nursing Program.
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    With you all on the anticipation, but I did get accepted into Pellissippi's program. I'm wanting to go to Roane State though. As to a list to compare- there is no way they can, because the applications vary from year to year. Some have all prereqs done and others do not. We are basically at their mercy! I did read somewhere that the letters went out on the 27th of April last year, so if that is the case - 16 more days!!
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    I'm also waiting...I got in LMU but it's my 3rd choice. I'm on the alternate list at Pellissippi...they said I'm in the top 10 on the list but can't say where exactly. I know they have admitted 2 so far off the list... I'm still hoping for Roane though. It's my first choice. Good luck everyone!
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    I put all my eggs in one basket and just went for it. I hope it wasn't a mistake but I want to go to Roane State because from what I have heard for years it is the best for actually learning and remembering what you need to know. I would rather it be tough and walk away confident! Got an email today saying they would send first round of emails starting the first week of May....
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    I to only applied to Roane State. I am getting more and more nervous daily... Does anyone know how to link your RSCC email to your blackberry? I have tried and tried and cant get it to work.
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    I'm sorry Nikki but I don't. Yesterday my dad called and said I had a letter from Roane State. I asked him what it was about and he kept stuttering and saying "It said something about...". My heart was beating so fast thinking it was from nursing but they just need my immunization papers lol. Only about 2 weeks left now.
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    Dedicated that sounds like a great sign for you. Its seems like they just want to complete your file! Oh I can wait...I got the email yesterday that said they will be emailing us the 1st week of May. As soon as anyone knows anything be sure and let us know.

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