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I just wanted to start a new tread for those of us that have applied to Roane State and are awaiting letters in May. Everyone please feel free to share your thoughts and questions. Good Luck ALL :D... Read More

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    Amen sister!

    I was beginning to think they forgot me. Luckily I found this website and I'm a little relieved yall havent heard from them either.

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    Maybe today will be the big day! But I was thinking... Why is the selection process taking so long? Is it because the competition was so great? If so, was the committee waiting until spring grades were posted to make their final decision? I know they said that spring grades don't count, but they also said emails would be sent last week, right? I've definitely got too much time on my hands to be thinking these things. I hope everyone did well in their spring classes just in case!
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    I was thinking the same thing, but then again it would take a lot more time looking at everyone's spring grades that applied. I was thinking they wanted to wait until after graduation for some reason. Hopefully this week we will know
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    I hope so too ladies. I know patience is a virtue, but I'm beginning to run short on mine. I'm just ready to know either way now. The wait is KILLING me.
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    I emailed several of the main people in charge of the program last week regarding my Spring grades, as I knew I'd be making all A's. Unfortunately, each one confirmed that the Spring semester would NOT be factored into their decision, as these grades are not looked at, at all. I'm not surprised about this, as one of my classes was an online class and the teacher has yet to post our final grade, even though I know what I made. On top of her posting it, I then have to wait for the school to get the grade and post it to my records. Who knows how long that can take. They each also mentioned that students should be notified this week of their acceptance/or not for the program, so keep your spirits up and your faith strong. We should all know soon enough. Good luck!
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    I just got my email. I was accepted but I've already replied to TN Wesleyan. Good luck to you all!
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    I am in a pickle and I am scared to death. I hope someone can help answer my question because I am going to go crazy and calling hours are over. I got my letter of acceptance, however I do not know if I can still be in the program. I made a D in a and p 2 this spring semester. I thought I could retake it over the summer before the fall program started and make a better grade but now I am not so sure that is the case. Does anyone know? I appreciate any helpful input. Thanks
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    Freaking out here...anyone who didn't get accepted that received a letter??? I haven't received anything!! Oh no. What time did everyone get their email? After hours?
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    That is a very good question. I just read up on the acceptance terms to the program. It said acceptance is based on making a C or better in Science courses, yet it doesn't clarify if after being accepted, whether you can have made a D or not. As well, it doesn't say whether re-taking the course will help or not. My suggestion is to wait until tomorrow and call the coordinator. Explain your situation and see what their suggestions are for you to do. My guess is that they will recommend taking summer class to re-take it, but that's merely a guess. Pat yourself on the got in, and that's more than most will do. As for your A&P II, I would go ahead and schedule a summer class if you can. You already know you'll be needing to re-take it to bring that grade up. You might as well get that out of the way now before it will be too late. If nothing else, check into it tonight and you can discuss that with the coordinator tomorrow. Good luck

    P.S. I've yet to get an email, so I will assume that I either am an alternate, or will be getting denied. Still hopeful since I've yet to get my email, but not going to freak if I don't. Fortunately, WSCC will be using my Spring semester classes and grades. They bring my GPA to a 3.5 and I got all A's this semester, so that's got to help. Still excited over getting an A in Microbiology.
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    Quote from kate2353
    Freaking out here...anyone who didn't get accepted that received a letter??? I haven't received anything!! Oh no. What time did everyone get their email? After hours?
    I'm in the same boat. I had to go back through my email to make sure my application went through. It did, so now it's just a waiting game. Am curious to see what others have to say.

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