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I just wanted to start a new tread for those of us that have applied to Roane State and are awaiting letters in May. Everyone please feel free to share your thoughts and questions. Good Luck ALL :D... Read More

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    @ ComingSoon- You're very welcome!

    I attend the Cumberland County campus. Hopefully, I'll be at the Harriman campus next semester!!

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    Anyone go to the admissions advisement session today?? I know I learned a few things that I didn't know before!
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    @kate2353 Would you care to share a little of what you learned? I wasn't able to make it.
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    I can tell you what really stood out to me, but if you have any questions, I might be able to answer them. Okay.... GPAs are calculated on a scale. They weigh the most out of everything (number of classes completed, 'A' or 'B' in science and math). ****** ******* (nursing admissions coordinator) stressed that quite a bit. She told us to look on Roane State's PTA page. There, they have a scale, and it's basically what the nursing committee uses. It'll give you a much better view at where you stand. I didn't really understand what she said about LPNs, so I hope that doesn't apply to you. Also, she said to count on coming to school or clinicals five days a week. You may or may not have to come that often, but it's your best bet. A woman asked a lab instructor how many hours she thought we should set aside for lab, lecture, and clinicals so she could figure out a work schedule, and they basically told her to not work if at all possible. That's all that's at the top of my head right now, but if you can think of any other questions, feel free to ask!
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    Thanks - that is really helpful! I'm going to go look at the PTA page right now! :-)
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    I went and looked at the PTA sure and looks like I'll get 7 points for my gpa out if 15 points. I wonder how they add in hours completed and extra points for science and math? So stressed out!
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    I wondered about the hours completed, also. I'll use myself for an example for what I think. I get 10 points for GPA. I also get 2 points for math, and 1 point for A&P. So, that leaves me with 13. If they do what I think, they may just take the 19 hours I have completed and add that together. So that would leave me with 32. The perfect scenario would be 48 points, I think (4.0, all 27 hours completed). However, ****** ******* mentioned that other schools like South are quarterly. Thus, their credit hours are a lot different from ours. So that pretty much makes my theory about literally adding in our hours completed wrong. She also mentioned that the nursing committee likes to keep their methods of decision making as secret as possible. Except for the hint about the PTA page. Did you go to the meeting, NIKI2286?
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    No I wasnt able to arrange childcare for my boys after work. If I add my points up the way you did I would have 36 ; 7 for my gpa, 27 hours completed, and 2 for my math.
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    Honestly, I think there was less than 100 people that showed up. I thought that going to the session would give me an idea as to how many were applying, but I guess not. A lot of the people there haven't even applied yet. They were only attending to see if they would like to apply next year. Lauren said that she had gone through all of the applications and has/is sending them off to the committee for their review and approval. Also.....wait for it...... she said that their review should be done before the end of April. I thought everyone would like that part, but for some reason, it slipped my mind until now.
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    Well ladies, I'm officially a nervous wreck. I heard the 3.8 GPA thing again from a different person. Lots of girls in my micro class were talking about how they have 3.9s and higher... I was also reminded that GPA is the most important thing the committee looks at when judging acceptance or denial. I'm stressing to no end. I really hope I'm working myself up for nothing.

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