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I just wanted to start a new tread for those of us that have applied to Roane State and are awaiting letters in May. Everyone please feel free to share your thoughts and questions. Good Luck ALL :D... Read More

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    I didn't receive the email. What is the meeting about? I wonder why some people didn't get it.

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    I think not having my anatomy 2 and micro done really hurt me. I also applied to pellissippi but found out yesterday that I didn't get in. roane state was my first choice anyway! Fingers crossed
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    this is the email i got: allied health sciences and nursing week
    advisementsessionsspring 2012
    anystudent interested in one of the following programs should attend the appropriate advisement session.
    monday, march 19

    radiologic technology 5:00-6:00pm oak ridge campus room h-236
    dental hygiene 6:30-7:30pm oak ridge campus room h-236

    tuesday, march 20
    nursing 5:00-6:00pmoak ridge campus room a-111
    wednesday, march 21
    opticianry 6:30-7:30pm oak ridge campus room c-109
    thursday, march 22
    physical therapist assistant 5:00-6:30pm oak ridge campus room a-111
    friday, march 23
    occupational therapy asst. 5:00-6:00pm oak ridge campus room a-111
    massage therapy 6:30-7:30pm oak ridge campus room h-236

    review program format
    review application/program admission process
    question/answer session
    student requirementsfor advisement sessions

    be on time. turn off or silence all cell phones.
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    I was really hoping I had a good chance of getting in, but now...Anyway, I'm sure you'll get into Roane State this year! Your GPA has got to be pretty good, and you have all of your classes done, right? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you if you'll do the same for me
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    I will definitely do the that for you. I was absolutely devastated last year. I really hope the 3.8 GPA rumor is just that! I have finished all my classes, it only took me since kids and life just kept throwing curve balls. Anyways if you look through past RSCC threads you'll see that some years people that didn't have all their classes done got in. I just really think the pool of people applying that particular year is what matters the most. Maybe some more members will join our discussion and post what they have so we can get an over all good idea of this years pool.
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    Random question. Can you all still see your application in your raidernet account? My was there and now it is gone. It kinda freaks me out.
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    Just checked mine...It's gone, too. No worries!
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    A lot of the people I know who were going to apply for the program decided not to. A few of them didn't do so well in A&P, and a lot of them figured they didn't have a shot at all, so neither applied. Kinda bums me out for them. So that kind of gives me an idea of the pool that's coming from my campus.
    Last edit by kate2353 on Mar 16, '12 : Reason: I think I was rude, so I fixed it :)
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    Oh good - thanks kate2353!
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    Katie which campus do you attend?

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