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I just wanted to start a new tread for those of us that have applied to Roane State and are awaiting letters in May. Everyone please feel free to share your thoughts and questions. Good Luck ALL :D... Read More

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    I did find out that I got into the Radiologic Technology program at Roane State. I guess there's a plan for everyone, you just have to be patient enough to find out what it is. Again, congratulations to everyone who was accepted to the nursing program. And for those who didn't, keep your head up
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    Just wanted to say congrats again to all of you who got into RSCC for this Fall. I just got my letter of acceptance in the mail today from WSCC for admission this fall into their nursing program. It wasn't my first choice, yet their program is one of the best in the state I've been told, so I'm excited to have this opportunity. Good luck to all of you, and for those of you that didn't make it in this time, don't give up.
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    I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread but I applied for january 2013. Does anybody know when they will tell us who is accepted? I have a 3.77 and did not get into the august class. I have only two b's in eng comp and stats all others are A's.
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    I thought Roane State only had fall admission to the nursing program.

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