Rejected into MTSU School of Nursing for Fall 2011 - page 2

i just got my letter this morning. Honestly, i was a bit sad but i was not beating myself up on it. I don't have the opportunity of just schooling so i had to work and go to school as well. i have a GPA of 3.1 and i'm currently... Read More

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    I'm so sorry that i'm now getting back to this. I got my acceptance letter this morning. I took a semester to improve my GPA. i applied with a 3.5 and 93% on my Hesi. I still can't believe it but i'm very grateful that i have been given this opportunity. I had so many people discouraging me and telling me how it would be impossible to get in. I'm glad i didn't give up, and still pushed my dreams. Yes it's hard to get into MTSU but with hard work and patience you'll eventually get in. Don't give up. I start in the fall, and to anyone that got accepted as well, Congratulations.

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    oh and i didn't retake my A&P either, just like my adviser asked me not to.

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