Pre-employment credit checks in Nashville area hospitals?

  1. Hey everyone! This is a bit premature because I am not graduating until Feb of 2012, but I plan on moving to TN and I want to get my ducks in a row. My credit is horrible. When I say horrible, I mean it. One of the biggest things on there is from my mother and her husband who were elderly and added me to their credit card so I could purchase things for them because they couldn't get out much. Well, both of them are deceased and now an almost $30,000 balance is showing on MY report when I used that card like twice and it was always things that they needed like prescriptions, groceries. There are also some medical bills from when I was out of work and uninsured. I have some more dings, but that $30,000 balance is by far the worst, and it's not even mine!!!

    Anyway, do hospitals in the Nashville area run credit checks and deny you if you have bad credit? I would love to work for Vandy, but it seems like they're hard to get on with, so I'm sure my chances are slim to none with bad credit. I'm just praying that all of this $$ that I'm investing in my education isn't going to be for nothing and I'm stuck without a job after graduation. I know there are a few states that have put bans on pre-employment credit checks except for positions where people handle cash, etc., which is understandable because they're dealing with money. I hope it becomes a nationwide ban one day! My credit has nothing to do with what kind of nurse I'm going to be. Sure, statistically people with bad credit are more likely to not show up for work and to steal, but I never miss work unless I'm dying and I am definitely not a thief. I have four children that need me around--not locked up in some jail cell for shoplifting!

    Thanks for any insight you can give me!
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  3. by   icunurse42066
    I currently work @ Vandy and my credit is horrible as well. I hired on in February of this year and had no issue with a credit check. My opinion is that it won't matter. Good Luck
  4. by   Mommy TeleRN
    I doubt it would matter for a nursing position.

    However - as someone who has worked on their bad credit quite a bit... if you were an AUTHORIZED USER only you were not liable for balance and you can get that deleted from your credit report. You need to dispute the account and state you were only an authorized user. You might want to check out a good website like this one.