Possible to transfer? Loewenberg or MTSU?

  1. I have completed my first semester at Loewenberg (U of Memphis) and made all A's.. yay.
    But now....
    My boyfriend of five years, who I live with has to move to Nashville for his job mid August, right when school starts back.... I didnt work during the semester, he pays for nearly everything. So I am in a clear predicament. He said he will do whatever he can to make us work long distance, but he would like me to try to go to MTSU.

    Anyone have experience with transferring programs? or know benefits/ drawbacks of them?
    I really like Loewenberg and feel confident I can continue to be succesful here. But it's another 22 months til my expected grad date...
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  3. by   MomInSchool
    My sister went to MTSU for her prereqs for Nursing but then transferred to Emory because her then boyfriend lived in Atlanta. She told me the nursing program at MTSU was really good. Honestly I think moving with your boyfriend (if you are serious - which after five years - it seems so) would save you the stress of a long distance relationship. However, as of now, you would not be able to transfer until the spring semester because of deadlines for registration, but you should call. You should also be able to transfer all of your needed credits to MTSU. I would caution that unless you are marriage type serious, moving for a boyfriend and keaving family doesn't always work out. My sister is a good example as she is no longer with that guy. Good luck either way.
  4. by   johnny depp23
    I dunno... sounds like you got a good thing goin' - But, if you do decide to come to MTSU, we'll welcome you with open arms nontheless .
  5. by   aehunt88
    Thanks for the input, I have decided to stay here in Memphis for my program... I'm just already set up so well. Wish me luck with my love life ha