Pellissippi or Roane State?

  1. Anyone applied to Pellissippi or Roane State for fall 2011? I know Roane sends acceptances the first week of May, anyone know about Pellissippi? The wait is killing me...
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  3. by   Dedicated2Nursing
    i have applied to both. Last year Pellissippi sent out letters the 2nd week of June but i'm not sure if it will be the same this year.
  4. by   Dedicated2Nursing
    I just found out that Pellissippi will send out letters no later than March 1st
  5. by   GavinsMom
    Yikes! We will know in less than 2 weeks! I'm so nervous/excited! Thanks for the info and good luck!!!!
  6. by   Dedicated2Nursing
    Thanks good luck to you too. They say over 300 have applied and they're only accepting 48 so
  7. by   GavinsMom
    Yeah I read that earlier on Facebook....(apparently I get email notifications when someone responds to this thread, and my phone beeps....I'm not stalking the message board lol!) Roane says thy notify in email on raider net, so we will have start checking it soon. Roane is my first choice since its been around sms I know the nclex pass rates....Pellissippi is still so new... but I just I hope I get in st least one!
  8. by   GavinsMom
    Bleh sorry about all the typos...stupid auto correct on my phone.
  9. by   chs45
    I just got my acceptance letter from Pellissippi yesterday
    I'm really hoping for Roane State, but at least I know for sure I'm going this fall!
  10. by   chs45
    By the way, does anyone know how Pellissippi is. I did all my pre-reqs at Roane State.
    I know Pellissippi's program is new, but is there someone out there that can comment on this first year.
  11. by   GavinsMom
    Congrats on getting in! I'm on the alternate list, so.hopefully i'll still get in or I will get in Roane...people have to accept Pellissippi by march 21 but Roane won't even have their list out yet. Roane is my first choice sine the program is more established...Pellissippi has no history to judge yet, you know?
  12. by   jmusiklover
    I am applying for the Fall 2012 semester to Pellissippi and Roane State. Roane State is my first choice. I know that everyone always asks how competitive it is to get in, but hard? I have a 2.6 gpa currently but plan on bringing it up to a 2.85 before applying. I will have all 27 credit hours done and have not taken my preadmit tests yet but will in the fall. Do you think I stand a chance? I really really really want to be a nurse.
  13. by   chs45
    I don't mean to discourage you at all, but you really need to pull up your gpa even more. It is way too competitive to even be under a 3.5. You MUST have at least a B in all your sciences. I know they say on the application to have at least a C, but there will be others that have higher grades than that and it will eliminate you. From what I hear, the reason they want to see a high gpa is the nursing program is very intense. I hear that if you make A's in the science prereq's, you will be lucky to make C's in the program. I think that is why they really don't consider people with C's in their science prereq's, because I guess they assume you will not pass the nursing program. I know I'm sounding harsh, but I'm speaking from the advice of a friend that has been through the nursing program at Roane State. She basically told me that the science prereq's are nothing compared to the program's intensity.
    So my advice retake all sciences to achieve the highest grades.
    And don't forget - Pray!
  14. by   GavinsMom
    I hate to say it but with your GPA what it is, you don't have a very good chance. I had a 3.5 and a previous bachelor's degree which gives extra points and I was still denied from Roane State. I got on the alternate list at PSCC and just found out today that I got in. Apply to LMU as a back up at least. They DO give you grants and fin. aid to help with the cost.