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NEW GRAD REGISTERED NURSE LOOKING FOR MY FIRST JOB HELP!! I live in Nashville but I am willing to drive a hour if I have to. Any suggestions? I have applied for over 500 jobs: gov jobs, Va... Read More

  1. by   Nurse.Gina
    @HaleyRN0726 new grads start at 22.50/hr plus differentials. I'm not sure with experience.
  2. by   Nurse.Gina
    I do know that it is the highest paying in the area (from friends that graduated with me) for new grads. Like I said, idk with experience though.
  3. by   E-commerce
    Are there hospitals in the area that offer education classes? You should attend to them and make an impression.

    Gina0887, RN
    Hii, Gina. I see that you are in Nashville and work at Centennial Hospital. I plan on moving to TN (memphis) after lvn school in California. Are there lvn's at centennial hospital? I also am a cna cna with six yrs psych. How is the job market? Also, what rn school did you go to? Did you do the ropd science classes? I'm looking for a lvn-rn program in nashville . Some have mention southwest, motlow and tsu. Thank you Gina for being sooo helpful. Sorry for the many questions *blush*
  4. by   E-commerce
    Hi Haley, I see that you are a RN with an ADN. Have you had trouble finding hospital jobs? I was just wondering how the job market is toward RN with an associate degree. I'm going to lvn school and hope to do the lvn-rn bridge.