Nashville State CC Nursing Program Fall 2012 - page 8

just wanted to start a thread for those who just applied for the fall. last year's seemed successful. i turned in my app back in february. i've heard that interview letters will go out this month. anybody else have any info?... Read More

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    Nothing today........... Really? Geez, come in already.

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    Quote from ashleyr0503
    Nothing today........... Really? Geez, come in already.
    No phone calls either =/ I cant check my mail until this afternoon!! Maybe we need to not concentrate on the mail or calls and then maybe we'll hear/get something??
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    LOL I can't help it! I'm so anxious and excited and nervous to know! It's worse bc I KNOW it should be any day. Maybe they mailed out today bc it's Monday. Or maybe they are waiting on final grades to post?? I don't know. I just hope it's soon.
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    my final grades went up today so maybe they did send out stuff today! Agh Im so frustrated, everytime I call my mom she's like "soooo did you hear anything?!" No I havent! ughhh =/
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    LOL Mine too! Hope soon I can write back and say YES sometime soon!! I'll check tomorrow & let you know around 10am! Here's to hoping just maybe.. Just maybe!!!!!
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    My grades were also posted today for the girl who asking earlier when they'd be posted!
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    Thanks, I saw my grades and did a happy dance............and No I haven't got my letter from NSCC either. Maybe, tomorrow........
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    LOL me too! Let's hope for tomorrow!
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    Nothing today either..... Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    Quote from ashleyr0503
    Nothing today either..... Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
    lol i came on here looking specifically for your post! ughhh Now I dont even wanna go home and check my mail blehhh

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