Nashville State CC Nursing Program Fall 2012 - page 6

just wanted to start a thread for those who just applied for the fall. last year's seemed successful. i turned in my app back in february. i've heard that interview letters will go out this... Read More

  1. by   MoniqueS
    Nothing in my mailbox either - I'm in the same situation... waiting on NSCC and hoping
  2. by   ashleyr0503
    I'm sure it'll be this coming week. Everyone I know hasn't heard yet.. So, pretty sure nothing's been sent yet. But next week is 3 weeks from interview so hopefully next week!
  3. by   socallm
    There is three of us that I know of at St. Thomas whom were at the interview and none of us have heard anything. Maybe, next week........will continue to pray and wait. While waiting I am learning Dosage Calculations and reviewing Medical Terminology........a little self study.
  4. by   lore52085
    Nothing for me either! Let's hope for Monday?? *sigh*
  5. by   ashleyr0503
    Come on lucky Monday!! Will be checking my mail around 10am when it comes!! LOL
  6. by   ashleyr0503
    Nothing today........... Really? Geez, come in already.
  7. by   lore52085
    Quote from ashleyr0503
    Nothing today........... Really? Geez, come in already.
    No phone calls either =/ I cant check my mail until this afternoon!! Maybe we need to not concentrate on the mail or calls and then maybe we'll hear/get something??
  8. by   ashleyr0503
    LOL I can't help it! I'm so anxious and excited and nervous to know! It's worse bc I KNOW it should be any day. Maybe they mailed out today bc it's Monday. Or maybe they are waiting on final grades to post?? I don't know. I just hope it's soon.
  9. by   lore52085
    my final grades went up today so maybe they did send out stuff today! Agh Im so frustrated, everytime I call my mom she's like "soooo did you hear anything?!" No I havent! ughhh =/
  10. by   ashleyr0503
    LOL Mine too! Hope soon I can write back and say YES sometime soon!! I'll check tomorrow & let you know around 10am! Here's to hoping just maybe.. Just maybe!!!!!
  11. by   ashleyr0503
    My grades were also posted today for the girl who asking earlier when they'd be posted!
  12. by   socallm
    Thanks, I saw my grades and did a happy dance............and No I haven't got my letter from NSCC either. Maybe, tomorrow........
  13. by   ashleyr0503
    LOL me too! Let's hope for tomorrow!