Nashville State CC Nursing Program Fall 2012 - page 17

just wanted to start a thread for those who just applied for the fall. last year's seemed successful. i turned in my app back in february. i've heard that interview letters will go out this... Read More

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    I'm sure you'll have plenty of time, just gotta get on it a little quicker than the rest of us. There are some that's only gotten shots and stuff. I haven't gotten the Nursing Kit, Books, or uniforms yet (I've been dieting and exercising and waiting til a little closer because I'm in between sizes!). I still need my Hep B shots too. But I'm doing a lot this coming week! I've honestly not really met a lot of people. There were new people at this last meeting we had, too. I know a couple from being in classes with them and that's all I've really talked to. During orientation Dr. Waller said we'd get a chance to really talk and meet others and swap numbers and such. So, no worries! We've had meetings not really any time to REALLY socialize. CONGRATS though!!!! I know you're excited!! It'll be a lot of fun... hard and challenging but I'm super excited about getting started!
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    Excited is not even enough to explain it lol if ur on Facebook u should add me!
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    Just as an FYI to anybody ordering books from the NSCC bookstore, some of them are available already BUT the prices are different from what our handout says. I spoke to Ms S and she said to hold off on getting them (of course after I had already placed the order *smh*) they are trying to figure out the prices with the bookstore and the publisher.
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    Hello everyone,
    I am a current student in this program and have some books that I am selling for cheap if anyone is interested.

    I know you will probably needs these -

    Lippincott Manual - Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice Ninth Edition

    Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary - Taber's 21 Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

    I also have my other first semester books, but I'm not sure if they are still using these. I'll post anyways just in case -

    Fundamentals Vol 1- Fundamentals of Nursing, Second Edition Volume 1

    Fundamentals Vol 2 - Fundamentals of Nursing, Second Edition Volume 2

    Assessment - Jarvis, Physical Examination and Health Assessment 6th Edition

    Good luck to everyone! We are happy to have you join us in such a great program!
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    did any of you get in with B's in prereq courses? did you make up for it with healthcare experience on your resume or high HESI/TEAS scores?

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