MTSU Hesi a2 exam. What score got you in?? MTSU Hesi a2 exam. What score got you in?? | allnurses

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MTSU Hesi a2 exam. What score got you in??

  1. 0 Hey everyone!

    I took the HESI A2 at MTSU today and I made a culmulative score of 86.50%. I am nervous about this score getting me into the program. I am already an LPN so I am applying for LPN-BSN.

    What score got you into the program?? Or if you didn't get in, what was your score??

    If you are already in the program: Do you have any idea how many LPN's they accept each semester?

    Also, I already have a Bachelors degree in a field unrelated to health care. Does this boost my chances of getting in?? The reason I ask is because I know that at Austin Peay it will put you closer to the top of the list.

    Thanks for the help!! :-) If you have anyother words of wisdom I would love to hear that too!!
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    Hey CrazyGoon. Check out this link for MTSU admissions info:

    That's for regular students, I don't know if LPN-RN is a separate program.

    I don't think having another degree will make a difference.

    Words of wisdom? Try not to psych yourself out. I think some people bomb the interview because they are so nervous. Nobody wants to see you fail.