MTSU Fall 2013 applicants

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    Deadline is only a few weeks away - roll call! I was accepted for this semester but I have to repeat a prereq and reapply. >:-/ Spent this break licking my wounds and getting ready to tackle this term!

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    Moved to the Tennessee State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    Submitted my app today - I was nervous again!
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    What classes are a must in order to apply to mtsu? And is there a minimum score that must be met on all parts of the HESI or just the overall score?
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    Here is the home page for the SON with admissions requirements. The HESI doesn't have an official minimum, but I was told that the average for accepted students is 87.5.
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    I dropped my packet off on the 18th. I hope it doesn't take too long for the interview call!
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    Has anyone been called in for an interview yet? I am re-applying but I haven't heard anything.
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    Nope, not yet. ****** said it would be the end of February; last semester I had my interview before fall break.
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    Yes me too. Thanks so much. My interview was like the week after forms were due in last semester so I was getting worried.

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