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MTSU Fall 2013 applicants - page 4

Deadline is only a few weeks away - roll call! I was accepted for this semester but I have to repeat a prereq and reapply. >:-/ Spent this break licking my wounds and getting ready to tackle this... Read More

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    YAY! Thanks you I will order it NOW!!!

    I wonder if we will hear before the middle of March! Gosh I hope so I am on pins and needles! Studying for the lab practical of veins and arteries etc… right now!
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    I ordered it! Thanks!
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    Got an email today. I did not get in so I guess Cumberland it is. Good luck to the rest of you!
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    I felt so sad for you bdb1550, but as u said u was accepted to Cumberland. Good luck to you. I have not get anything; I'm so nervous.
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    I also have not been accepted. Got my email this morning. My friend didn't get in either Oh well. Everything happens for a reason!
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    So sorry Yecartem. It is a hard school to get into since so many people apply there. I will be going to a private university which will cost more but I can't wait forever to get into MTSU. Did you apply anywhere else? I applied to three different places this time.
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    Sorry to hear you guys. I haven't heard anything yet.
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    I would apply to Cumberland but I can't..I haven't had a foreign language I or II. I also haven't had Pysch II. I think all those are required as pre-reqs for CU. Not sure if I can put names here, sorry if I can't. Aquinos (sp?) is in Nashville, not sure if I want to go that far. Belmont is also far from me. What is left? I am not really interested in Motlow. I want the BSN. But I am like you.. I am I don't want to wait around forever to finally be accepted into MTSU. I mean being denied just put me back a semester from graduation LOL!
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    Thanks and good luck Pre-Pre

    BTW I am Tracey
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    You do have to have Spanish I and II and a different psych but you can enter their Lebanon program with 9 hours of gen Ed classes left.
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    I'm sorry. It actually 10 hours
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    OH OK! So I can take those classes while I would be in nursing. Hmmm! You know it's funny, I was in Spanish I at MTSU and when they said it wasn't a required high school deficiency by the nursing program I dropped it with a W the last day that you could, October 30th! I had been in it since August LOL! Yesterday I was feeling defeated because I didn't make it into MTSU…today I am looking at my options and realizing they aren't the only one that can offer me my profession
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    Yes! Good for you! I was taking Spanish online but it was very hard so I dropped it. I really need to be in an actual class for it. I still have all three of those classes to take myself.