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Deadline is only a few weeks away - roll call! I was accepted for this semester but I have to repeat a prereq and reapply. >:-/ Spent this break licking my wounds and getting ready to tackle this... Read More

  1. by   Yecartem
    Oh my advisors has the score?! I would be to nervous to call and find out. I think I will just wait on the letter HA! Good Luck! You will do fine. I was SO nervous! Everyone is! Let us know how it went!
  2. by   pre-nurseshan
    Well I had my interview. I guess it went okay. I wanted to be upfront about having to "withdraw" from the program due to repeating a prereq, and when I brought it up at the end, one of the interviewers looked a little shocked, but I used all my communication skills and I think I explained the situation to her satisfaction. I figured it would be better to just bring it up than not bring it up and potentially have it come back and bite me later. Anyway.
  3. by   Yecartem
    Honesty is always the best way to go. I am surprised they didn't know that already. I was reading some old boards and last year the candidates started hearing around the end of February. I check my mailbox and email like it's going to happen now ha!
  4. by   ulsoyd
    So nervous! hope everyone on this discussion gets in. I think I did well, but still not knowing what the result will be. Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   bdb1550
    I saw some people who had posted they got it at the end of February too! I hope we all hear something soon! I got into Cumberland University's nursing program but I'm really hoping I get into MTSU cause that's really where I want to go!
  6. by   ulsoyd
    Congratulations bdb1550. I believe that is a great sign that you will get into MTSU nursing program. I feel so optimistic this time even though there is still some worrying. I liked the people who interviewed me; they were so nice and friendly and I felt so comfortable talking to them. Waiting for a good news!
  7. by   bdb1550
    Thank you! Yes the women interviewing were super sweet! I'm optimistic about MTSU but nervous at the same time! Maybe we will get letters soon! Good luck to you also!
  8. by   Yecartem
    I also liked the two ladies interviewing me. I am so stressed about a&p II right now, I have forgotten a little bit about the interview. LOL! I am covered up with work and READY for spring break! Anyone else with me on this?!
  9. by   Yecartem
    oh and congrats on Cumberland! My friend goes there! I would have to take Spanish I and II and psych II to apply there! I thought about it but then saw their pre reqs.
  10. by   pre-nurseshan
    Yecartem, if you don't have the physiology coloring book GET IT! Best study guide ever.
  11. by   Yecartem
    Really?! I will get it if you think it will help! I ordered a book off Amazon to help me and am considering getting tutoring help at school. Thanks!
  12. by   Yecartem
    Oh forgot to ask..which coloring book?
  13. by   pre-nurseshan