Motlow students out there?

  1. Hey everyone! I am hoping to get into the Motlow LPN-RN program starting in June and I was wondering if there were any current or future Motlow students out there? What do you think about the Motlow nursing program? Do you like being a student there? Current nursing students: What did you make on the HESI entrance exam and what was you gpa when you were accepted? I am just curious. My gpa is 3.3 and I made a 85 on the HESI. Thanks!
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  3. by   ktsummar
    I haven't been on here in quite some time. I am finishing up my first year in Motlow's program. Did you find out if you got in? I know letters went out a week or so ago and the LPN-RN bridge orientation is on May 19th. My Hesi score was an 87 and my GPA 3.76. Motlow is a tough program, but has a great reputation and 98% NCLEX pass rate on the first attempt. My first year has been a blast and I am very glad I chose to attend Motlow.
  4. by   CrazyGoonRN
    I found out that I did not get in. The letter said that I am in the top 25 on the alternate list. It said that there is a possibility that I will be called by May 17 if a spot comes open. I am hoping I get that call. If not I am thinking about applying to MTSU's program starting next spring. I am determined to be an RN(it has always been my first choice) so I am going to keep applying until I get in
  5. by   ktsummar
    I am sorry to hear that. It is a very competitive program to get into. Not sure how many LPN's applied, but there were 20 openings. The level one students had over 800 applications for 80 spots.

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