Motlow '12 applicants?

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    Is anyone else as stressed out as me? Who has applied to Motlow's Nursing program for fall 2012? The anticipation is killing me!

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    I'm with ya! Waiting to find out Are you taking classes there now?
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    ME Three!!!!! still waiting!!!!
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    Me four!!! Waiting to hear!
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    Heard a rumor yesterday that letters start going out this week.... I preferred to believe it was still a few weeks away. Now, I'm stalking my email account.
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    if you guys don't mind me asking out of the 800 possible points what are you guys at? I'm wondering how close I am to even being in the list. I don't want to get my hopes up.
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    and will we get a letter even if we are not accepted?
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    I'm at 768. What about you? Everyone will get a letter whether we get accepted or not. It is actually an email, though, according to the mscc website. Last week was the last week of testing, I'm pretty sure and it is supposed to be within 3 weeks that we should hear.
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    I'm only at 716 so i'm praying! The wait is killing me!
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    Me, too. Are you finished with all your classes? I have to take micro this summer if I get in. I am extremely disappointed that they aren't offering any on campus micro classes. I did not want to take it online

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