Memphis Pay Scale?

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    Hey! I am getting ready to interview at Le Bonheur's Children hosptial in Memphis as a new grad. Can anyone help with what to expect as salary or hourly pay for a brand new grad? Thanks.

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    Methodist Lebonheur is $21/hr for new grads.
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    Thank you Memphis Tiger! Now a decision on whether to relocate for that amount.
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    Well it's not a ton, but the cost of living is cheap in Memphis. I just spent the past four months in Boston and sent out over 300 applications, and didn't get even one interview. I applied for a few jobs back in Memphis, and have four interviews next week.
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    Congratulations on those interviews and good luck! Are you from Memphis and can you offer some advice on where to look for apartment or home rentals if I get a job offer?
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    Yes, I am from here. Sure, just PM me!
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    Does PM me mean for me to write you back in the evening?
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    Hi, Can any of you give me some clues on which hospitals are hiring are hiring graduate nurses? I am a nursing student in Maryland and I graduate in December. Is it possible to start applying for jobs now?

    Thank you for any tips.
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    Apply at Methodist Germantown on the Telemetry floor. She loves new grads! I dont think its too early to start applying...

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