Lowenberg School of Nursing Fall 2012

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    Hi! I am new to the site and I haven't been getting as many replies as I expected/ wanted to. I am currently completing my pre-requisites for the program at the U of Memphis and I plan on applying for the actual program for Fall 2012. I wanted to know if there are any other students applying then as well? Also can someone who is in the program tell me a little about it and how they like the program. Could you share your experience with professors, clinicals (especially those because I am most nervous about that), the work load and how you handle dealing with the load and having a life outside of the nursing program. I would greatly appreciate any replies. Thanks!
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    Hey I am actually in the process of taking my pre reqs to apply for nursing school for fall 2012!! Good Luck to you!!
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    Thank you! Good luck to you too! What classes are you taking now?
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    Right now I'm taking A&P 1, nutrition and A&P lab, next semester I'll be taking A&P 2 with lab and micro with lab, how about you?
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    I take Micro and the lab, Nutrition, Theatre, and History 2010. Next semester I will be taking A&P 2 and College Algebra, along with A.African literature and Sociology.
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    awww cool, so how is micro? I am considering taking it at southwest, what do you think? I took sociology in the summer; what class level are you?
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    Micro isn't that bad, just a lot of outside reading on your own to really grasp the material. The lab is actually easier than the lecture. If you take it at Memphis, take Professor Wong but if you can, I would take it at Southwest so you can have a smaller class size and it actually may be easier there. I'm also a second year student, first year at Memphis.
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    Oh ok, I dont mind the reading, I keep hearing Wong is better then Chong; I may take it at southwest Im really considering it, Thank u!! How did you do on the TEAS and which version did you take? I plan to take mine in November; a little nervous but we shall see... my weakness is math
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    You're welcome.
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    Oh your on, lol I just added something else in reply to micro about the TEAS lol

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