Lowenberg School of Nursing Fall 2012 - page 3

Hi! I am new to the site and I haven't been getting as many replies as I expected/ wanted to. I am currently completing my pre-requisites for the program at the U of Memphis and I plan on applying... Read More

  1. by   Pink Magnolia
    If you do not have to pass the TEAS test to graduate, then do you have to take it before applying to the LSON program or can you just take it before the semester begins? The reason I'm asking is become I am a full teacher and can't seem to find a date to take it before the deadline. I guess I will have to wait till I get a date and apply later for spring if you HAVE to take the TEAS for application purposes:/

    I only have A&P 2 and NUTR left to take this summer too.
  2. by   hayleyh31
    You have to take the TEAS before submitting your application. I took mine while working full-time when they had a Saturday appointment. Good luck!
  3. by   Ambitious81

    I am about to begin my pre-reqs at Southwest in January. I plan to transfer to UofM after completing my pre-reqs and I am wondering is it difficult to get UofM to accept the transferred classes? I have heard that it is. I have a BA already and thought about taking the ABSN route, however I believe that my graduating GPA was too low. Does anyone have any advice on the best route for me to go in my given situation? I would like to get through everything as fast as possible, however, I am also willing to be patient even though its hard sometimes to be!
  4. by   Tinker88
    There are no more Saturday appts at Memphis.