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Hi! I am new to the site and I haven't been getting as many replies as I expected/ wanted to. I am currently completing my pre-requisites for the program at the U of Memphis and I plan on applying for the actual program for Fall... Read More

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    Hi Future Nurses I just graduated in August 2011 from LSON. I agree with msturn, especially the fact that they pretty much throw you in the first semester. I began the program in 2009 and they did not require us to pass the TEAS test, but we took it for preliminary purposes. Overall this program prepares and graduates the best nurses. As a LSON graduate I receive the utmost respect and recognition from the staff on the unit I currently work. One of the nurses told me they could recognize LSON graduates from graduates of other programs, because of our preparedness. You all are considering the best nursing school, yet you may not feel that way while in the program...... just stay focused and pray, pray, pray (It is a light at the end of the road). Oh and by the way I did all but one of my prereqs at Southwest (I took statistics online at U of M).

    My advice to you all is learning how to manage your time; this is something all nursing students need to perfect (even before getting into nursing school). I know time management is hard to focus on when you have so many things to do in so little time; however by the time you get to Leadership (5th semester of nursing school) you will understand where I am coming from.

    Wish you all well and I am praying for ya!!

    Sorry I wasnt specific but feel free to ask me questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability

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    Thank you for responses! Very helpful.
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    I already have a BA but I graduated with a low GPA(2.64) and really want to go the nursing route. I haven't taken any of my pre reqs yet but plan on taking them at Southwest. I would like to go through the accelerated BSN. Any advice on how to make my application strong or should I just not even think of applying?
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    Have you heard anything about the accelerated nursing program at Memphis? I graduated from U of M last year with education and am currently a pre-nursing student at memphis. I really want to know what it is like before I hop on board...you know? I have two options, the traditional route (2.5 years with summer breaks or the 1 year program straight through). congrats on your job and I'm glad to hear that people can recognize LSON graduates. I hope you go far! Are you considering a masters yet?
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    My advice to you, Stanford88: you know your situation and your limits...... I would say do whats best for you. When I was in school I had the opportunity to do school alone and not work with that said I had alot of time on my hand to study. I am sure you have heard that nursing school is not easy and it takes a lot of dedication and time. It all depends on the person, and their ability to handle a full load (along with stress). By the way I am also a single mother of one. Some semesters are easier than others, but I would say examine your life to see if you could handle the stress and dedication that is needed to be a successful graduate. I have seen many students come and go, but I feel if their priorities were in order they too would have made it to the finish line. My point is only YOU can answer that question.
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    Hello ad90, I am not quite sure of what the requirements are to get into LSON now; however it is a very competitive program, now they even require you to take and pass an entrance exam. You could always give it a try or consider taking the classes you didnt do so well in over (or even taking easy classes to boost your GPA up). I dont know your weakness, but from here on out you should strive for the best grades you can possibly make, then by the time you finish your prereqs your GPA should be well above 3.0. Southwest is fairly easier than U of M as far as prereqs go (or should I say they have easier instructors). I didnt apply to LSON until I was done with about 90% of my prereqs. I only had like 3 prereqs left when I was accepted into the program.
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    If you do not have to pass the TEAS test to graduate, then do you have to take it before applying to the LSON program or can you just take it before the semester begins? The reason I'm asking is become I am a full teacher and can't seem to find a date to take it before the deadline. I guess I will have to wait till I get a date and apply later for spring if you HAVE to take the TEAS for application purposes:/

    I only have A&P 2 and NUTR left to take this summer too.
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    You have to take the TEAS before submitting your application. I took mine while working full-time when they had a Saturday appointment. Good luck!
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    I am about to begin my pre-reqs at Southwest in January. I plan to transfer to UofM after completing my pre-reqs and I am wondering is it difficult to get UofM to accept the transferred classes? I have heard that it is. I have a BA already and thought about taking the ABSN route, however I believe that my graduating GPA was too low. Does anyone have any advice on the best route for me to go in my given situation? I would like to get through everything as fast as possible, however, I am also willing to be patient even though its hard sometimes to be!
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    There are no more Saturday appts at Memphis.

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