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Hi, I am planning on applying to the upcoming Lonestar RN program. Applications open January 16, 2013, is anyone else out there applying? I will be applying with a score of 10.98, it is low but I... Read More

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    Also dose anyone know if it messes you up if you already turned in your hard copy app, but then decided to change your 1st choice campuses. Im hoping as long as you resbmit your hard copy information again to the new campus it should be ok hopefully?
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    Welcome to the forum Jessi29! As far as changing your first choice campus and resubmitting your app I am not sure about. I have seen on past forums people resubmitting hard copies because of retaking the Hesi, I would just ask your first choice campus! Your score is definitely high enough to get into Montgomery! I think you would get into any campus with that score! Another user posted the cut off's for Montgomery last application period were 11.2 - 11.4. I am not sure why you can only choose 2 campuses, I could only choose 2 at first and then I logged back on a few days later and was able to choose 4. I ranked my choices Cyfair, Tomball, North Harris, and Montgomery in that order. I live right next to Cyfair and am hoping to make the alternate list with my 10.9 score, I feel 75% positive I will at least make it at North Harris!

    About a month until Applications close! Long wait but we will make it!
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    I actually got a phone call from the nursing director today and apparently when the application first open online there was a 20 min glitch. So they fixed everything for me and now my first choice is Montgomery then Tomball, cyfair and north Harris! Now we play the waiting game! Good luck to you as well!

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