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I am applying to the University of Memphis Loewenberg School of Nursing for the spring of 2011. Right now I am taking some pre-requisite courses and by the time I send in my application I will have a GPA of 3.1. The required GPA... Read More

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    I applied to U of M's accelerated nursing program for fall 2011. Does anyone know when they send out acceptance/ rejection letters?
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    A friend of mine that got in last semester said it took around 2- 2 1/2 weeks to get in. I'm waiting (impatiently) over here for my Fall acceptance, too. What does your GPA and TEAS look like? I've got a 3.4 with a 4.0 in my pre-req sciences. I got an 87 on my TEAS.
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    Got my letter on Friday! I got accepted, have you heard yet?
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    Yup, got my letter on Thursday! I go for my physical tomorrow and CPR class is Sunday afternoon! After that, I'm all set to turn in my packet!
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    How do I access the online teas test?
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    Congrats guys!!! Quick question do you guys mind sharing who does the cheapest CPR...
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    Hey guys! I am applying to LSON for the spring 2012 semester! What was some if you guys' GPA getting in the program? And is the teas test computer or pencil/paper?
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    I had a 3.2 GPA and my pre-reqs a 4.0 but i didnt do so well on my TEAS test. its a computer test that you schedule to take. study a little bit before hand if you havent taken any high school math or english in bit
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    I had a 3.5 overall GPA, 3.6 Science and an 87% on the TEAS. I agree with the PP that if you haven't had any high school science or math recently, you need to study for the TEAS.
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    Anyone gotten their scrubs and/or supplies for the Fall yet? How many pair of scrubs is everyone starting off with. I think I will start with two initially. Hope everyone's Summer is going great!