Loewenberg CON Fall 17 Traditional Program - page 11

Hi, thought I would make a discussion for those of us applying for the fall of 2017 to the traditional program at the University of Memphis. I've seen several for the accelerated, but with the... Read More

  1. by   HFavored1
    I have recently completed my application for UofM along with Baptist. I attend Union University now. Once I finish this Fall I will have 2-3 classes still needed for UofM. How do they go about the process of accepting you and then moving to the nursing program? Is that 2 different applications?
  2. by   Amlovett1
    Hey, has everyone gotten their schedules? I got mine!
  3. by   Jgill07
    To anyone who was waitlisted... did you get in!?
  4. by   Jgill07
    To those who were waitlisted.... Did you get in!? I got an email on August 1 saying I got accepted in the ABSN program. I called in April & she said I was #13 on the waitlist for ABSN and she offered to put my name on the Traditional list too to up my chances (she said it would most like be the Traditional that I would get in.. not the Accelerated)..... I've emailed back my acceptance but now I'm thinking I should ask if there's a way to do the Traditional vs the ABSN (I have a 5yo & a 3yo. Married but husband's Army & works a lot).
  5. by   Mskiana57
    Yes! I got my schedule! I can't believe school is starting so quick. Lol
  6. by   Amlovett1
    I can't believe it either! Can't wait to see everyone..
  7. by   Amlovett1
    Has anyone bought their books yet?
  8. by   Mskiana57
    Hopefully we'll bump into each other. Lol. My name is Kiana BTW. Do you having any friends entering the program with you?
  9. by   Mskiana57
    I haven't gotten my books yet. I wish there was a way to see what the books looked like to see if it would be cheaper renting. I know people are selling from last semester on the group page so helpfully next week with orientation we'll find out more about the editions.
  10. by   Amlovett1
    Right, I'm trying to rent mine instead of paying $500 for them! And I don't have any friends enetering with me. It's just me. My name is Alexia! I'm sure we will meet each other! lol I need all the friends I can get so we can help each other through the process!
  11. by   Mskiana57
    Do you have a Facebook page? If so give me your name so I can invite you to the group page for the students and you can look on there as far as books some people are selling them for a good price too! I know one person who was in my class from last semester entering with me so I'm sure we'll all meet! For the next two years we'll be in this together! My name on Facebook is Kiana Jenkins if you just wanted to add me so I can add you to the page that way!
  12. by   Amlovett1
    Okay, I just requested to be your friend on Facebook!
  13. by   ngabrielleo
    Hey, can you add me to the Facebook group page as well? Najah O'Quinn