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  1. 0 I applied to LMU's B.S.N. progam over five weeks ago and still have not recieved anything back from them. Has anyone else been waiting to hear from them?
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    I submitted an application the beginning of January and got a letter back just last week. I got in :-) Good luck!
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    I applied to the asn a few weeks ago but haven't heard back yet. I'm on the alternate list aht Pellissippi and still waiting to hear from Roane as well. Good luck!
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    I got my acceptance letter to the ASN program today. Does anyone know anything about the Alcoa campus?
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    I FINALLY got an acceptance letter. I'm excited but not happy that it took 5 months to hear anything from LMU. It is my school of choice, but it definitely concerns me that it was so difficult to ever get ahold of anyone or get answers.
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    I applied to UofL's BSN program in April and won't get an answer until July sometime! The waiting is the worst part.
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    I am so not looking forward to this. I am putting in my application for my program this week.
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    kraby2, are you from the area? Have you decided for sure on LMU?
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    I am from Knoxville, but I decided to go with UT's accelerated BSN instead. LMU was just very expensive and when I visited, they seemed very unorganized. Another reason I was wary about LMU is because a friend told me that her mom said she would no longer hire graduates from LMU because she hired 4 and they were incompetent. Now, I didnt talk to her mom directly, just to my friend so she might be exaggerating. But for me, I decided that the UT program would be a better fit. Good luck and congratulations on getting in!
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    I appreciate your insightful post concerning LMU. I'm still in the pre-nursing phase, with only the sciences left to complete. At this stage, I'm trying to do what is fiscally responsible. If I recall correctly, undergraduate cost per credit hour was in the ball park of $730 Roane State will run you a fraction of that, at around $200 per credit hour. A look at the Princeton Review reveals that by tuition alone, LMU positions itself within the tier/ or class of schools such as Clemson, or even Vanderbilt. That's an ambitious delusion by any other name to justify such costs, and made my choices a lot easier. Everyone has to do what they must, but there's no doubt there are other superior schools out there, at a much more reasonable cost.