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  1. I live in Wisconsin and will be moving to Jackson, TN in June/July 2012 after graduation in May. I am confused as to how much starting pay is for new grads in the Jackson area. My brother is an LPN there, has been for about 3-4 years now, and he told me that starting pay for him in a rehab facility was 17-18 dollars. I have seen on other posts that in other cities like Nashville for example, that starting pay for an RN is 18-19 bucks so this is a little worrisome to me that it could only be a dollar more for an RN. Also, I have two children and I am looking for information as far as schooling in the Jackson area, good vs bad, etc. If there are any Jackson area nurses, please reply with any information you can. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    Your two hospital options in Jackson are West Tennessee Healthcare's Jackson-Madison County General Hospital or Community Health Systems' Regional Hospital of Jackson. That's about right for base pay. 18-20/hr for an RN plus any applicable differentials. Cost of living is very inexpensive in Tennessee.
  4. by   Murse901
    This is only anecdotal data, but I know two RN's and one LPN that commute to Memphis to work, because they say that Jackson's hospitals pay very poorly. So, you may want to consider looking into commuting for work if your options in Jackson don't pan out.