IV Therapy Training Course

  1. I have recently moved to Memphis, TN from FLorida. I have a State of Florida EMT license as well as a National Registry. My EMT license is a BASIC, and in order to work in the hospital I need to be an EMT-IV. So I was wondering if anybody knew of any IV training courses that I could take so I could get the IV behind my EMT. I already know how to do IV's, I just need to certification. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   bebe1138
    Check out Southwest Tennessee Community College. Glenn Faught is the Paramedic instructor there. I think he has an IV course.
  4. by   servant2
    Places where I have found IV therapy classes: MEDTEXX.COM, Local voc/tech center, Community Colleges. After you do the home study, MedTexx has a "local" hands on workshop and online exam, I think it's 48 hours, - all expensive but could work. My local tech center has the class scheduled for Jan. 2008, if the number registered for it holds. The nearest Community College has the 40 hour class on campus, so I would have to travel daily or stay there during that week.

    Some hospitals have the course for their employees. A nursing home I worked at hired a contractor to teach us a non state certified course so it's LPN's could do IV push meds and start IV's in that facility, I never had to start an IV.

  5. by   nany464
    how do i get iv certified in nj. i am a newly grad rn and need it to start working,,,,,,please help